Junior and Haley Boyd Wedding

A Country setting with the charm of Summer
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Married September 2nd, 2017 in Colon Michigan.

Garden Bouquets Michael Parker

Our best of the best in Garden Bouquets for your wedding
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Oct 14th, 2017 Soave/Bungard Wedding

Beautiful Fall and Festive Decorations
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Jonathan Soave and Amanda Bungard were married in Ann Arbor, Michigan...

Dec 28th by Michael Parker

Now COMPLETE packages
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Photo, Video, DJ, Makeup, Planning, Website, Engagement, Instant Photos, Photo Booth...we offer it all in an exclusive package.

Bryant Wedding Michael Parker

Soft, emotional multi-cultured wedding in Sturgis, Michigan
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Dec 28th, 2017 by Michael Parker

Win a Complete Wedding Package
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When you book your wedding with us, you could win your ENTIRE package FREE!

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