Sometimes, all it takes to meet your soul mate is a good wing woman — just ask Kate. "I met Brad on February 15, 2013, at a San Francisco dive bar. My girlfriend 'accidentally' bumped into him to give us an excuse to talk!" she remembers. And that little...

Bride and Groom Special Effects Reel #2

[vimeo 263093625 w=640 h=360] Vision Pro Studios Reel 2 Special Effects from Vision Pro Studios on Vimeo.

Featured Bride Haley Boyd

In a quiet town located in Southwestern Lower Michigan, Labor Day Weekend in 2017 was about to come to life with the wedding of...

Enter Our Contest

One of the most sought after parts of a wedding is an affordable Photographer and Videographer. Many couples settle for someone with a cell...

Bride and Groom Professional Special Effects

In This video, we demonstrate with examples how we can add special effects to your photos and video.

Your wedding day and your Groom

Many traditional weddings have always photographed the groom with his groomsman waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle to be wed. "PHOTOGRAPHING THE...

Your wedding photos and video delivered on popular formats

Bride and Groom Photographers knows that your wedding media is very important. That's why we have partnered with MediaZilla to offer our clients all...

Your Budget and your Honeymoon

7 Ways to Afford a Honeymoon After A Budget-Busting Wedding Stephanie Taylor Christensen  It’s the financial conundrum of many married couples in the making. The caterer...

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