7 Cute Ideas for Your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl


Kids are used to being the center of attention. Even when they’re in a wedding and they know the bride and groom are supposed to be the focus, they can have a hard time accepting this. If you want to include a flower girl and ring bearer in your wedding, we recommend doing something to make them feel like an extra special part of your day. That way, you’ll have a happy camper on your hands to help you celebrate!

Here are our favorite ways to make your flower girl and ring bearer feel like stars:

1. Invite them to be in your wedding in a special way. Just like with any other member of your wedding party, you should ask kids if they’d like to be in yours. Invite them in a fun and memorable way that will excite them. For example, you can use “Will You Be My Flower Girl/Ring Bearer” puzzles, fill a balloon with the invitation and ask them to pop it, or even “propose” to them with a Ring Pop placed in a small box. (Be sure their parents have approved ahead of time, of course!)

2. Find a fun way to educate them on their roles. There are plenty of movies and cute books about weddings and everyone’s role within them. Set aside time to go through one of these options with each child so they’re comfortable and excited about their responsibilities. You may even want to do this more than once, depending on the child’s age.

3. Ask them to help you choose what they wear. Kids love feeling empowered. Do a little shopping ahead of time and select three to five outfits you love for each of them. Then take them shopping (separately, if you really want them to feel like the focus of your attention) and ask them to choose their favorite. Make a day out of it to enhance the experience, and make sure you tell them how happy you are they’ll be in your wedding.

4. Give them something fun to carry. In most cases, the ring bearer won’t have the actual rings on a pillow and the flower girl will forget to toss the petals, so consider giving them something else to carry down the aisle. We love clever signage! (“Here Comes the Bride,” “Has Anyone Seen the Rings?” or “Last Chance to Run, [Insert Name].”)

5. Highlight them in photos. There is something intrinsically adorable about pictures featuring the happy couple alongside the flower girl and ring bearer. Chat with your photographer to come up with some clever photo ideas that allow the kids to shine.

6. Present them with a special gift. At the rehearsal, take each child aside and give them something you’ve picked especially for them. Explain why you chose it and remind them again how delighted you are that they’re going to celebrate your big day with you.

7. Plan a special dance with them. How often do you see couples pulling their flower girl and ring bearer out onto the dance floor? Imagine how special they’ll feel if you do. You could even ask if they’d like to dance together and set something up with the DJ or band!

There are many ways to make your flower girl and ring bearer feel special. These are just a few! Do you have any suggestions you’d like to share? Leave a comment and let us know.