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In a quiet town located in Southwestern Lower Michigan, Labor Day Weekend in 2017 was about to come to life with the wedding of Junior and Haley Boyd. Colon, Michigan is known for its festival of Magic each year, and thousands of magicians from around the country travel to...
Jessica Williams and her husband Stephen renewed their vows on August 11th, 2018 for a special reason....When we met with the bride and groom, both had an interest in getting married with a traditional wedding, but had opted to get married a few years back at the Justice of...
Brandon Chapman and Shannon Yunkers needed an economical wedding package that would serve both their wedding plans and their reception needs. They both wanted a wedding in a tropical setting, and knew that Jamaica was the destination. But that would take a big chunk out of their wedding reception....
Sometimes, all it takes to meet your soul mate is a good wing woman — just ask Kate. "I met Brad on February 15, 2013, at a San Francisco dive bar. My girlfriend 'accidentally' bumped into him to give us an excuse to talk!" she remembers. And that little...

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