So how is it that we have such a wonderful website, and lack reviews on weddings?

Our business officially opened December 23rd, 2017. Before that time, in 2017, we filmed 3 weddings and below are all 3 reviews of our weddings. These weddings were filmed and photos taken for our basic package. Some of the video was added as a bonus feature for the clients who hired us. During 2017 we researched the wedding photography business, and the wedding videography business, analyzed the demographics so that we could insert ourselves in a competitive market, achieved the necessary training and updates on the equipment we have purchased, and then purchased our dream package of cameras, video cameras, cranes and gimbals, glide cams, sound and mixing equipment, computer software and additional computer equipment, and we sought out individuals who would participate in our promotional wedding packages.

Our goal for 2017 was to anticipate the 2018 wedding year. Our goal this year, is to book 15 weddings. In addition, we are listing our Professional References, Business References, and Personal References. These references are crucial for simply one reason..they know us..and they will tell you that you should too.

Professional References:

Lee Strobel – Author of Best Seller: The Case for Christ ✞ Motion Picture. Lee is part of our Ministry Network, and is sought after regarding his insight and ability to discuss the scientific proof that Christ truly lived, died, and arose from the grave. His movie can be found at Walmart, Netflix and his book was a best selling book on Amazon.

Jeremy Bout – Host and Executive Producer of The Edge Factor Television Show, Ontario, Canada. As the Exec. Producer and Host of Edge Factor and the eduFACTOR productions, Jeremy Bout leads the Edge Factor team in telling stories that inspire audiences. At the heart of every production is their signature artistic direction and big picture vision for the lasting impact that Edge Factor media holds for audiences and the next generation of advanced manufacturers. When he’s not behind or in front of the cameras, Jeremy is likely to be hosting a big stage Edge Factor Live event, managing partner relationships and funding, overseeing the team during pre and post production processes or script writing. Sometimes, on the rare days that he has time, you can still catch him throwing on his headphones and hitting up the editing suite himself.

When he’s not in the studio, filming or traveling across the country, Jeremy is at home with his family. On the weekends, he’s likely to have a hammer in his hand as he and his kids build forts and houses for their umpteen pets. We also purchased some of our equipment from Jeremy..Sony VG20H 4k Cam…very nice.

Cam Rea – Author and Writer – My Nephew Cam Rea is a successful author of several books on Biblical Military History, and Military History in general. He has an impressive list of credentials and education with 2 college degrees; A BA in Military History, and  Masters in Military History.

Wedding Reviews

Amanda Bungard and Jonathan Soave – “Vision Pro Studios arrived at our venue at around 10 am the day of our wedding…they photographed 270 photos (and did not charge me) as a surprise gift for our wedding, they also arrived the night of our dress rehearsal and reviewed our plans for the wedding. They were professional, helped us with how we wanted video recorded. It would have been nice to have more frontal shots, but my Uncle was taking photos and was also hired to do so, so Michael’s team remained out of his way to get the best shots. After all of the work they did to make sure the video was perfect, we highly recomend them for your wedding if you have a conservative budget. They will work with you to meet your wedding budget”

Junior and Haley Boyd – ” We were really stressed about our wedding, and did not know how to get things arranged and set up. Vision Pro Studios and the Team of Bride and Groom Photographers helped save the day. The day of our rehearsal, the Officiate was unable to come and rehearse with us. Michael and his Team showed up and conducted the rehearsal so that we would know what to do, and how the video was to be filmed. They were with us for the entire day, photographed 250 pic’s, and gave us a full hour video with the Youtube Highlight Video. We even got some drone footage of our town…it was great…I highly recommend them especially if your on a tight budget”

Haley and Junior Boyd

Brandon and Yajaira Bryant – “We had spent so much money on our wedding, that we really didn’t plan on a professional photographer. And when we got really close to the date, and still couldn’t find someone to either video or take pictures, we were told that a guy from Coldwater, MI was really interested in filming our wedding…We had not met him or even had the chance to talk to him, but he came, set up, and filmed our entire wedding, and reception…FOR FREE…we had no idea he was not charging us ANYTHING..and told us that it was a promotion for his company…We see that they are giving away a New Film and Cinematic Package… really need to consider hiring these people…very kind, funny, and we felt very comfortable with them..highly recommended.”

Brandon Bryant’s email:

Personal References

Pastor Mike Bradford – Consuming Fire Global Ministries, Pastor of The Home Church Online. – “I have known Michael Parker for 10 years in our Ministry together. He is very creative and knows how to present and produce inspiring web content. He is a true friend and brother in Christ, and our ministry is proud to be a part of his organization. I can be contacted via Skype for any questions you may have regarding him. Skype – revivalfire3

Evangelist Dina Kalmeta – CEO and President of, Portland Oregon – “I am very pleased to recommend Michael Parker for your wedding/photographing/video/ planning needs. I have known Michael for the past five years, since the very beginning of the ministry. Michael has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He has also proven to be dependable, detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile to give his best to any project undertaken. He has outstanding organizational skills as well as a flare for creativity. He has proven these abilities throughout the course of the ministry. Above all his professional qualities, the thing that I admire the most about Michael is that he is a good human being and someone you can count on. Michael is a man of his word and a man you can trust. In conclusion, it is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend Michael Parker for your wedding planning needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this recommendation further. Sincerely, Evangelist Dina Amelia Kalmeta CEO & President CWW7NEWS

Deborah Ross – President of Deborah Ross Ministries – Coming Soon

Pastor Ken Billsborrow – Pastor of The Good News Bible Church, Coldwater, MI – Coming Soon

Pastor Frank Queen – Pastor of Snow Prairie Bible Church, Bronson, MI. – Coming Soon

Jesse Himebaugh – Lifetime Friend of 45 years. – Coming Soon.