Drone and Aerial Photography for your wedding


One of the more popular additions to Wedding Photography is Drone Footage. There are a variety of formats ranging from 720P to ultra 4 K resolution all in HD and with enhanced pricing of footage. The question is not if you can afford the footage, but is the professional you are hiring possess the right credentials to film your wedding?

Recent rulings from President Donald Trump, and the December 2017 signing of the National Defense and Authorization Act require commercial usage of Drones to be registered and for the pilot to acquire a certification license to fly the Drone in certain commercial operations such as Weddings, Over buildings, a gathering of people, and so forth. Waivers must be applied for for certain applications that allow the Drone to fly higher than 400 feet.

Wedding Photographers that use drones should also carry Liability Insurance that protects the property and injury of wedding guests in the event the Drone should fail or crash. Your guests could potentially end up suing you and/or the wedding photographer for damages.

Drone Footage is a truly spectacular Cinematic addition to your wedding, and with an experienced pilot, can give you breathtaking film for your wedding. The professionals at Bride and Groom Photographers are certified, have the necessary liability insurance to cover your entire wedding, and offer this as a standard feature with each package we offer. Below is video of a promo reel with the DJI Phantom 4 Professional used to film part of a wedding, and is the standard used for our applications.

DJI Phantom 4 Wedding – Nathan & Kimberley from Vision Pro Studios on Vimeo.