Drones and Featured Wedding Packages


Drones have introduced a whole new way to showcase your wedding. They can add a cinematic look to your wedding with professional drone footage. The example video here is raw footage taken from Stoneacre Farm – Puslinch, Ontario, and filmed by Patrick Che.

Bride and Groom Photographers of Coldwater, MI has acquired the necessary registration and certification to fly a drone at wedding venues. In addition, we also carry liability insurance in the unlikely event the drone should fail and crash, causing property damage, or injury. Most footage taken is filmed during low guest hours, and usually includes just the wedding party for reverse fly outs or follows.

Proper flight areas must be pre-approved before ordering these services. Our drone is GPS registered with the FAA, and if flown in restricted areas, can levy heavy fines for doing so. Please contact us ahead of time, if this service is considered.

Drone footage is a premium add on. Ask us for pricing at the time of your booking.