Featured Bride Jessica Williams


Jessica Williams and her husband Stephen renewed their vows on August 11th, 2018 for a special reason….When we met with the bride and groom, both had an interest in getting married with a traditional wedding, but had opted to get married a few years back at the Justice of the Peace. Both Jessica and Stephen’s religious beliefs prompted them to renew their vows and get married in the eyes of God, with witnesses from their church, and plan a wedding reception for their guests. It truly was magnificent to see two people in love..who really didn’t have to renew their vows, make a commitment to God to do it the way they believe scripture states to do it.  jessica decorated her venue with the help of some friends and family. Most of the creations came from her own ideas and truly turned her wedding into a colorful event. The shades of blue and silver, along with coordinates that fell right into place with the wedding cake were truly beautiful. Vision Pro Studios of Coldwater, MI and photographer Kandise Parker teamed up to film and photograph the wedding in Lawrence, MI. We recall Jessica trying to find a DJ for her wedding reception who would play contemporary gospel music. Vision Pro Studios and DJ Ice were the only services they could locate that played the music she requested. Along with the photography, and dj services, the Williams also received videography services of their ceremony and reception. The wedding was beautiful with 2 lucky couples winning a premium prize package for the 2019 Wedding Season courtesy of Vision Pro Studios of Coldwater, MI.

The multi layered cake with velvet blue ribbons was a masterpiece. With the resources Jessica had, she coordinated an excellent wedding, reception, and the food was fabulous all on a budget that would shock most Brides. With the talent and resources Jessica had, she had a rock star wedding that most would die for at nearly half the cost of what you would expect to pay. We were especially impressed with the planning and how Jessica pulled it all off as the Bride, Organizer, Planner, and Coordinator of her own wedding. Saving her a ton of money in the process. Jessica however was glad to see the day come, where she could just be the bride and walk down the aisle to her husband. We were honored to be a part of these two lives joining their hands together in matrimony before God and the guests they had invited.