Looking for the best of the best when it comes to garden fresh bouquets, well, we have them right here!!

Traditional bouquets are always a consideration, but a Bride should consider having an ultimate bouquet like this one walking down the aisle with pastel colors that match the decor of the wedding and reception.

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These decorated bouquets have the look of freshly picked flowers garnered with green leafs and accessories to help them truly stand out.

Brighter colors can also be incorporated for a springtime look that is to die for….


This bouquet has a large variety of flowers with spring colors popping out all over. The added leafy garner and fullage gives this bouquet an exquisite look and feel. Flowers are a big part of how the tone is set for the wedding. It’s all down to the budget, and how much you want to spend.





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Below is a more conservative example of flowers along with fresh garner…



Yet another example of a fresh looking bouquet with a variety of flowers and garner.


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Perfect for any wedding during the spring and summer months.