Having an affordable Photographer


The Tri-State area is full, and perhaps even saturated with photographers and videographers. Many have a broad range of prices and services. Many are so expensive, that some brides and grooms may shy away from using a professional photographer.

“we can just do it ourselves”

It’s the #2 concern of a bride….who’s going to do the photography, and how much is it going to cost. Of the 3000 brides polled in Bridal Guide, 2017, nearly 81 % said they were or had used a Wedding Planner. Nearly 78% said they hired someone to shoot their photography. Some said they planned on doing their own photography by having family and friends use IPads and record all of the event that way. The digital Age has surely added some individual ways of recording video or taking pictures.

Bride and Groom Photographers along with Vision Pro Studios of Coldwater, MI. has researched the Wedding Industry and has found the following:

The average cost of a wedding in the United States for 2017, according to The Knot.com is $35,000. However, our research dug deep to find more realistic numbers that fall within a wide range of spending depending on the number of guests you have invited.

Number of guests less than 50 $5,634 – $9,390
Number of guests between 50 and 100 $8,579 – $14,299
Number of guests between 100 and 200 $13,701 – $22,835
Number of guests between 200 and 300 $17,671 – $29,451
Number of guests more than 300 $34,189 – $56,981

Now, these numbers are not 100% etched in stone either, because nearly 50% of the couples we have polled claimed they spent less than $7,000 on their wedding.

The main reason for this is that they paid for their wedding on their own..with no help from parents, family, or friends. The above numbers are also taken from our Zip Code of 49036.

So, when a photographer or videographer quotes a price of $2,000 for wedding photos or video, it’s no wonder the Bride and Groom turn away from the cost. That’s nearly 30% of their budget for a wedding.  What one should do, is estimate the cost of their wedding using our Cost Estimator below. Again, this estimator is not based on Vendor prices or developed by the industry, this is an average cost of what other couples spent in your area.

So, based on this new information, couples will look to start cutting costs when the cost of their wedding reaches this point. Bride and Groom Photographers has learned that our services are about the quality of production we produce, how much you enjoyed them, and how well we kept your guests active and participating in the festivities of your wedding.

That’s why we have a wedding packages that start at $895. You get the professional services of a photographer, with limited video, for your ceremony and your reception.

This budget package fits almost any budget. And, if you need extra time, a DJ, or other services, we can always add them on. Start costing your wedding today, and don’t worry about your affordable photographer..because we have that covered.