Jonathan and Amanda Soave were married on October 14th, 2017 in Ann Arbor, MI. The bride and groom had both their wedding and reception at the Knights of Columbus Hall with 150 guests attending.

Additional photography was taken by Amanda’s Uncle who flew in for the wedding from Seattle Washington.

“fall festive decorations”

This day proved to be challenging for photo and video, as it was one of those typical fall days where it rained the majority of the day. But, as the clouds broke, and time permitted, photographer Kandise Parker of Bride and Groom Photographers captured some of the moments during the first look…

Both Jonathan and Amanda are natives of Jackson, MI. The couple are doing very well in their marriage and enjoying each other.

The Holidays proved to be a challenge for both Jonathan and Amanda as one parent fell ill and was hospitalized.

Pictured here is the traditional ring finger salute showing their solidarity and commitment to one another.

“she loves haunting themes..he’s the star wars guru”

The Soave’s had a professional decorator who tastefully decorated the entire Hall in a black and red table setting with chilling Halloween themes that really set aside this wedding like no other. Children loved the festive look and enjoyed the music played during the reception.

During a break from the rain, photographer Kandise Parker streamed this photo off as Amanda walked near a bridge in Ann Arbor with the play ground in the background.

In Love is what we would describe this couple who repeatedly laughed and hugged all night as we filmed the event.


Pictured here, was one of those moments…


The reception was a success with an outside cater who provided an excellent meal for the guests. Lighting was not that much of an issue for the entire event, and even after the lights were turned down low, we were able to film some romantic moments for the Soave’s


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Our filming crew arrived at this venue at 10 am the morning of the wedding, and packed up at 10pm…It was a pleasure doing this wedding.