Non Refundable Deposit

To help secure the date of your wedding, it is necessary for us to ask for a non-refundable deposit applied towards the total cost of our services.

A non refundable deposit is defined in these terms: Should you cancel the services you have booked on the date you have booked them, without good cause, your deposit shall be forfeited. This does not include changing the date due to circumstances beyond your control.

Should you have to change the date of your wedding and move it to a different date, we can accommodate you with the date change as long as that date is available for our services. 

You have approximately 3 days from the day you book our services to cancel the date, and receive a full refund on your deposit. Refunds can take up to 14 business days to process, and will be returned to the debit or credit card you used a the time of booking.