Elegant Wedding Dresses

You have likely been to a wedding when the bride silenced the room and took everyone’s breath away because she looked so elegant and radiant when walking down the aisle. You want to create that same feeling with your own elegant wedding dress, but you are not sure how exactly you can go about picking.

Wedding Dress Trends of 2015

When getting inspiration for your dress, it can help to explore the current wedding dress trends. While you should ultimately choose a dress that best represents your personality, makes you feel comfortable, and flatters your body shape, there may be options within the latest trends that suit your needs. Let’s take a look at just […]

Wedding Dress Body Types

The best wedding dress – according to magazines, fashion critiques, and even your friends – may not be the best dress for you. This is because women have unique body shapes and different types of dresses are more or less flattering for each body type. When picking out a dress for your big day, it […]

Wedding Dress Designs

When shopping for your wedding dresses, you will find so many different types that you might feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and the terminology. Wedding dress designs are categorized by the type of silhouette that they create – the outline and shape that they give to your body. Once you know the basic […]

At Calla Blanche, we believe that a wedding dress should be as unique and beautiful as the bride wearing it. Our original designs are created for women looking for a fashion-forward take on the traditional gown, perfect for brides who want to turn the wedding aisle into a modern runway. Calla Blanche wedding dresses are